Precision Ag Technology

Yield Documentation Specialty Crops
  • In-cab mapping gives you yield information on-the-go
  • Make agronomic decisions based on site-specific data
  • Available for weight-based, conveyor-driven harvesting equipment for potatoes, onions, sugarbeets and more.
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Connect Mobile
  • Monitor planter and sprayer performance
  • Integrates easily with existing John Deere technology
  • Use field review to learn insights about the job
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Gen 4 Extended Monitor
  • 10-inch additional touchscreen monitor
  • See entire operation activity on two screens
  • Reduce downtime for setup
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Rate Controller 2000
  • Simultaneous liquid and dry product control
  • Control up to 5 different products
  • Section control of 16 individual sections
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  • Stay informed on machine location and hours and track and analyze machine and fuel usage.
  • Protect assets with geofence and curfew alerts.
  • Keep your equipment running with maintenance tracking, preventative maintenance plans, Remote Display Access™ and Service ADVISOR™ Remote.
  • Send setup, prescription and documentation files to your operators in the field with Wireless Data Transfer.
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AutoTrac™ Controller
  • AutoTrac reduces operator fatigue
  • AutoTrac allows for faster working speeds
  • AutoTrac allows for faster working speeds
  • Curve Track automatically drives curved passes
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John Deere RTK Radio 900
  • Repeaters help maximize base station coverage
  • Dealer-owned RTK network benefits producers
  • RTK accuracy provides many benefits
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Raven Sidekick Pro™
  • Reduces tank mixing and cleaning
  • Compatible with GreenStar™ Rate Controller
  • Options to meet customer needs
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GS™ Rate Controller Dry
  • Integrate with dry box spreaders
  • Compatibility with single-tank air carts
  • Compatible with John Deere Section Control
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SeedStar™ Mobile
  • Provides row-by-row planter performance
  • See seeding fluctuations in real-time and be able to correct them quickly.
  • Increased planting productivity
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  • Offers basic data management capabilities
  • Improved load identification and functionality
  • Automatic backup ensures data security
  • Compatible with GreenStar™ displays
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  • Gain accuracy, up to +/- 2.5 cm (1 in.) pass to pass with a StarFire™ 3000 Receiver
  • Increase profitability and reduce overlap
  • Reduce operator fatigue and time spent in each field
  • Reduce soil compaction and passes
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Surface Water Pro™
  • Survey mode records elevation
  • Basic ditching mode creates and runs ditch tracks
  • Three types of maps can be collected and saved
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John Deere Mobile Weather
  • Capture instantaneous, field-specific weather information from the sprayer cab
  • Make on-the-go application decisions
  • Ideal for both private and commercial applicators
  • Improve recordkeeping by documenting weather conditions during application
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John Deere Section Control
  • John Deere Section Control improves machine efficiency
  • Planter/seeder compatibility
  • User interface is easy to navigate and intuitive
  • John Deere Section Control allows adjustable overlap
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Surface Water Pro™ Plus
  • Advanced ditching creates more precise ditches
  • Survey mode records elevation
  • Three types of maps can be collected and saved
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iTEC™ Pro
  • iTEC Pro provides total equipment control
  • iTEC Pro reduces operator fatigue
  • iTEC Pro provides higher efficiency, resulting in input savings
  • iTEC Pro works with straight track guidance
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Active Fill Control
  • Automated trailer and truck filling
  • Reduce operator stress and fatigue
  • Improve harvest efficiency
  • Harvest day and night
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GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display
  • Lock settings with access manager
  • Video capability
  • Enhanced hardware
  • ISOBUS connectivity
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Mobile Data Transfer
  • Transfer files immediately to operators in field.
  • Provides connectivity for mixed fleets
  • Eliminates the need to transport and manage USB devices.
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